Gaijiin Gyaru Guide!

Gaijiin Gyaru Guide!

saiharii gyaru
The amazing gaijiin gyaru, Saiharii!

Hey there guys! Since so many of you have enjoyed reading my gyaru guide, I wanted to add a guide for gaijiin gyaru.

I wanted to start out by telling you all how I attained my knowledge on gyaru. I have been to Korea but not to Japan, so I don’t have first hand information about gyaru. However, I’ve studied Japanese and Japanese culture since I was about 13 years old. I’ve done numerous research projects on gyaru and I have a great deal of knowledge about gyaru. It can be really hard to find information on gyaru in the States and it can be even harder to be involved, so I wanted to write this post especially for non-Japanese gyaru. I hope you find this helpful!


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