Examples of Gyaru Outfits and Looks! (Gyaru Series Part Three)

Examples of Gyaru Outfits and Looks! (Gyaru Series Part Three)

How to Dress Gyaru: Gyaru Series Part Three How to Dress Gyaru: Gyaru Series Part Three by lydia11-11 featuring knee socks

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As part of my widely-read gyaru guide, I wanted to include some examples of gyaru style and makeup to help give all of you love readers some ideas for your new style adventure. Click here for part one of the series and here for part two if you haven’t read them yet!


There are a multitude of gyaru subtypes that are popular, and this set only addresses a few. Some common types are above. A lot of gyaru looks are meant to be sweet- light pinks, bows, flowy blouses and tiers are common, especially in the hime and onee gyaru style. Kogal (or kogyaru) was the first main gyaru type and is characterized by customizing a school uniform. Rokku gyaru is an edgier, rock-inspired look and mode originated as a monochromatic and mature look. Keeping these descriptions in mind, it’s just a matter of personal taste and experimentation before you create an outfit like the ones above! Google (of course) and gyaru forums are also great for inspo.


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Best Makeup Products for Gyaru! (Gyaru Series Part Two)

Best Makeup Products for Gyaru! (Gyaru Series Part Two)

gyaru pt 2 thumbnail

Hi all and welcome back, or if you’re new here, nice to meet you! I’m so glad you stopped by~

As part two of my gyaru series I wanted to compile a list of some great makeup products that you can get easily online or in store that will have you looking gyaru quicker than you can say kawaii!

I’ll list my favorite products by type so if you’re looking for a specific item you’ll be able to find it super easily!

Face Makeup:

-BB or CC Creams

While I’d say that the Dream BB Cream by Maybelline is pretty accessible in store, I honestly wasn’t too impressed with it. Other good alternatives are the Lebalage BB Cream which can be bought from eBay for about $4.50 at most or a Missha or Etude House product. I’m currently using Lebalage and really like it but I’ve heard great things about Etude House and Missha’s BB creams as well. I also bought my mom the Rivecowe BB Cream from eBay and she loves it!


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Gyaru Guide for Beginners: How to Start Being Gyaru! (Gyaru Series Part One)

Gyaru Guide for Beginners: How to Start Being Gyaru! (Gyaru Series Part One)

beginner gyaru guide thumb

Hi there everyone! I hope you’re having a lovely day~!

I wanted to go over some gyaru basics for those of you who have been exposed to the style but wanted to know more in detail about gyaru. This is mainly for beginners- consider this a simple introduction or guide to gyaru!

What is gyaru?

There are a ton of ways to answer this question. Gyaru is a blanket term that encompasses many different types of styles. “Gyaru” itself is a romanization of the English world “gal” and usually describes a fashion-conscious Japanese teen who follows set trends of fashion and beauty.


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