Best Makeup Drugstore Kit!

Best Makeup Drugstore Kit!

Best Drugstore Makeup Kit! Best Drugstore Makeup Kit! by lydia11-11 featuring Wet n Wild

Hey y’all! Now that school is up and running again I wanted to give you guys a suggestion for a kit to help you get ready in the morning on the cheap. All of these will be really easy to find in the States and are drugstore products. This will work not only for students but for anyone lining for a basic makeup kit. The products listed below will help you create a natural, no makeup makeup look for your average day.

Cases and Accessories:

Some great cases are at Ulta, Forever 21, Kohl’s and Shopko for cheap and they’re also reasonably sturdy. Modella is a great brand with lots of different price points, but don’t feel like you have to invest in a bag. You can definitely use something at home or just toss your products in your purse on the go. If you need a mirror try Forever 21, Burlington or Shopko. ELF and Ecotools after have great brushes, and you can get some knock-off Beauty Blenders.


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