Glitters for Dinner: Clothing Review

Glitters for Dinner: Clothing Review


Hi y’all!  I wanted to make sure to review three things I bought from a store in the Philippines, Glitters for Dinner. I was super excited to get the dress, crop top and skirt set and vinyl skirt but ended up a bit disappointed.


Here are pictures and closeups for all of you!

This is the PVC skirt I bought! It has slight pleating like the other skirt I purchased. It’s got a velcro close along with a zipper. Let’s take a closer look shall we?
The skirt is inside out so the zipper can be shown more easily. The skirt’s zipper was already hard to zip when I first got it and the stitching at the end ripped soon after.


On the outside of the skirt you can also see where the zipper came unsewn and showed through.


The super cute Peter Pan collared dress I bought!
These are the clasps that button the collar. They weren’t sewn on securely and the ones on the other side of the collar fell off almost immediately.
Here’s the matching crop top and skirt set!
These are the clasps on the collar. These are the only ones that have managed to stay on.
These are the clasps on the pleated skirt. There’s also a blue zipper down the back. The right side clasp has begun to fall off.

I would list the exact description but the site does not allow copy-pasting. All of the sizes I bought were listed as medium, AUS/UK 10.


This is from an online store called Glitters for Dinner. Based in the Philippines, most of the sizes are from XXS to L for petite women.


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