Why Korean Skincare is Overrated as Hell

Why Korean Skincare is Overrated as Hell

So why is Jessica so freaking perfect? The world may never know.

First of all, no hate here. I enjoyed traveling to Korea and love Korean makeup and skincare. However, the supposed statements saying that “They’re [Korean products] about 12 years ahead of the States in terms of technology,” (Mary Schook in Marie Claire) are false. Let’s examine why.

I’ve read quite a few articles like the one above where people attempt to say that Korean technology is twelve years ahead. Twelve years ahead? Really? Look at the labels of many skincare products from popular brands like Laneige, Innisfree or Nature Republic and the ingredients aren’t revolutionary or high tech. So why say that Korean technology is so far ahead? I think the reason people make this statement is not because of skincare in itself- its that Korean cosmetic procedures are cheap, easy and exceptionally common. Therefore it isn’t necessarily that Korean products are making Korean skin so good- it’s that cosmetic procedures make skin good, and products maintain them. I’d say the only thing “advanced” about Korean products is that they are different and innovative- like sheet masks, bb cushions (notice I didn’t say bb creams themselves because those can be credited to Germany) and lip tints like the Berrisom peel off mask. (My new fave, by the way.)


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