Makeup for Lazy, Tired People (AKA Daily Student Makeup!)

Makeup for Lazy, Tired People (AKA Daily Student Makeup!)

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Hey there guys! I wanted to make a pictorial for those of you who need a fast look in the morning. This is perfect for back to school because it’s easy, polished and doesn’t require frequent touch ups. It’s fast and low key, but it’ll make you look awake and natural! (A five minute routine to cover up five hours of sleep!)


Step 1) Alright, this is my nehked face! Make sure your face is nice and moisturized so you give your skin some therapy. The goal of this look is to cover up those all nighters and look fresh enough for class or work.

lazy 1  (2)

Step 2) I’m using this primer from Benefit to add a subtle glow to my face. The Girl Meets Pearl is just a slight golden shimmer under your base of choice. I find it makes you look fresh without being too flashy.

lazy 1  (3)

Feel free to just apply with your fingers.

lazy 1  (4)

Step 3) Here we have my gross old bottle of It Cosmetics CC Cream. (I cut the top of it off so I can get the remnants before moving on to the next bottle.) I love using BB or CC creams when my skin looks tired because it adds more moisture.

lazy 1  (5)

I’m applying it with a brush because I used it to get inside of the tube, but just use whatever is most convenient for you. We have to add highlighter later and we want to make you look more awake, not draw attention to any eye bags, so make sure you get those dark circles. This brush also helps you go over your imperfections for more coverage and a flawless look.

lazy 1  (6)

Step 4) I love my Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Branded. Use a champagne color on your lids to make you look more alert. I just used my fingers to apply it on my lids.

lazy 1  (7)

Step 5)  Using a mascara definitely opens up your eyes and adds more dimension. I love the Covergirl Clump Crusher.

lazy 1  (8)


lazy 1  (9)

Step 6) Add a little color to your face so that you look healthy. I’m using the Stila Convertible Color because it has a natural rosy color.

lazy 1  (10)

I’m using my brush again because I might as well if it’s out right? Usually I just use a clean finger because the warmth of my fingertip makes it melt naturally into the skin. Make sure you blend well.

lazy 1  (11)

Here’s the look so far! I already feel much more awake. If you need to get out of the house fast, this is definitely a great place to stop.

lazy 1  (12)

Step 7) Before you apply color, make sure your lips are nice and kissable. I’m using Lip Shit from BlueQ.

lazy 1  (13)

Now that your lips are all soft, you can either add some color  or keep your lips soft and natural.

lazy 1  (14)

Rockin’ out to K-pop while taking pics.

lazy 1  (15)

Step 8) I’ll be using this rosy pink color from a local shop called the Cackle Bee.

lazy 1  (16)

lazy 1  (18)

Step 9) Here I have my super cute little Benefit High Beam. Since your dark circles are covered it’s okay to add some shimmer by your eye area now. It’ll add some more glow and make you even more awake.

lazy 1  (20)

I just draw two little lines here to add some brightness to the center of the face.

lazy 1  (21)

Just blend out to the edge of your face.

lazy 1  (17)

lazy 1  (24)

You’re done! A five minute routine to cover up five hours of sleep. You look polished and fresh now, so go kill it. Werk it girl.


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