Gyaru Guide for Beginners: How to Start Being Gyaru! (Gyaru Series Part One)

Gyaru Guide for Beginners: How to Start Being Gyaru! (Gyaru Series Part One)

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Hi there everyone! I hope you’re having a lovely day~!

I wanted to go over some gyaru basics for those of you who have been exposed to the style but wanted to know more in detail about gyaru. This is mainly for beginners- consider this a simple introduction or guide to gyaru!

What is gyaru?

There are a ton of ways to answer this question. Gyaru is a blanket term that encompasses many different types of styles. “Gyaru” itself is a romanization of the English world “gal” and usually describes a fashion-conscious Japanese teen who follows set trends of fashion and beauty.

Since the 1990s, there has been a huge decline in what is seen as the typical gyaru lifestyle. Gyaru have changed as generations grow older and trends fade. Even their ever-so-famous watering hole, Harajuku, has not been buzzing with gyaru activity compared to years past. It is hard to really know what the current standing of gyaru is unless you are in Japan.

So what are some gyaru subtypes?

Again, that’s a difficult question to answer! There are probably hundreds of them, but here I’ll just give some of the most popular and well-known styles and their definitions.

Kogal: Probably the image that comes to mind when thinking of Japanese fashion, kogals are typically high school girls who adapt their school uniform to their own kawaii needs. Their style is preppy, cute and innocent.

Rokku gyaru: Rock inspired gyaru who wear innocent looking makeup with a prominent eye and tougher clothing with a punk vibe. This style usually consists of edgy haircuts, jewelry and clothing, and things that are fashionably tattered and torn, like ripped jeans.

Hime: One of the most popular gyaru styles, “hime” is translated as “princess” in Japanese. This style is over the top and very regal. Styles include huge bouffant hair with excessive heat styling or wigs, ornate dresses and a lot of feminine details.

Lolita: Also very common, lolita is another hyper-feminine style. This is very Victorian-inspired and features a lot of floor length dresses and skirts with a very old-timey feeling. There are many subtypes of lolita as well, such as sweet and gothic lolita.

Mode: This is a more mature, high fashion look. This style usually has sharp, clean lines and is often monochromatic.

Onee-gyaru: Literally meaning “older-sister gal,” this is a more sophisticated style that many high school girls transition to after going into their adult years. Think of this as a refined but still playful style for young adults.

Like I said, there are many other types of gyaru. I think that this will help you as you explore more on your own!

How do gyaru do their makeup?

Although there are many different types of gyaru makeup, or “make,” there are numerous similarities between all of the subtypes.

Eyes: Gyaru love to make their eyes look HUGE. This is something pretty much all gyaru have in common. Many gyaru wear;

  • Circle lenses (these are colored contact lenses that can make your eyes look larger in size)
  • Mascara (tons and tons to make the lashes and eyes look giant!)
  • Eyeliner (use your eyeliner to extend your natural eye shape and create a downward wing)
  • Eyeshadow (highlight the inner corner of the eyes, but don’t use too make dark colors on the rest of the lid or crease because it may make your eyes look smaller!)

Circle lenses are definitely optional, but I highly recommend wearing the rest of these products if you want the full on gyaru look. I personally do not wear mascara because I have long, curly eyelashes and hate scrubbing it off at night, but if you don’t have these pet peeves I think wearing mascara would be a wise choice.

Lips: Lips are supposed to be soft and doll like. Many try to make their lips small as part of the look, but the most important part is to keep them looking cute and innocent. Wear a good lip balm each day and night to keep your lips healthy and apply a nude gloss or lipstick during the day.

Face: The gyaru look is very youthful and pretty. I’m guessing a bit with the sunscreen and primer, but as a general rule gyaru usually don’t wear more than;

  • Primer
  • BB/Cream or Foundation
  • Sunscreen
  • Blush

For blush I would recommend an innocent looking pink. A subtle glow looks very cute! Don’t go for bright colors because the look should be natural and have a lit from within glow.

When it comes to your base makeup, bb creams and cc creams not only blur imperfection but improve your skin. I would suggest using a cream for these reasons but if you have a favorite foundation that’s perfectly fine too! Foundation is more popular among gyaru to create a full coverage.

Sunscreen should have a lightweight formula so it will not get too greasy or oily on the skin. Sun protection is important, so make sure to always have sunscreen with you!

Primers really help with the longevity of your makeup and all make a barrier so foundation is not sinking into your skin as much.

Nails: Not makeup, no, but still important! Many gyaru have;

  • Long, fake nails- these usually resist chipping better and are easier to do artwork with
  • Ornate nail designs
  • Lots of glitter and cute charms and decals
  • Very feminine colors

Of course, if you are rokku gyaru or mode your nail look may be a bit toned down in terms of girly-things, but this is just a general idea.

Where can I learn more?

Great question! There are tons of different websites that will give you some awesome information.

Universal Doll: Excellent amount of information and pictures. Shout out to Mitsu because she does such a great job in this blogging niche!

Tumblr: A great way to see some different pictures and get inspired just by tracking the #gyaru tag! Some blogs I would follow are;

Pinterest: A great way to collect everything that inspired you and organize it. Just search gyaru and pin away my friends! I also have a gyaru board on my Pinterest if you are looking for some initial inspiration.

YouTube: Is full of awesome how-tos and DIYs. Some great channels to follow would be Michelle Phan’s, BubzBeauty and VenusAngelic. If you’d like some tutorials check out these videos!

Livejournal: Is also great for finding others who share your love for gyaru, but there are many communities that are dead and not many active ones. It make take a bit of searching to find one!

I will soon be doing some recommended product and store lists and showing you how to dress gyaru everyday. I hope this helped you guys, make sure to ask me any questions you have and leave me a comment so I know what you want to see next in the gyaru series!




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