Glitters for Dinner: Clothing Review

Glitters for Dinner: Clothing Review


Hi y’all!  I wanted to make sure to review three things I bought from a store in the Philippines, Glitters for Dinner. I was super excited to get the dress, crop top and skirt set and vinyl skirt but ended up a bit disappointed.


Here are pictures and closeups for all of you!

This is the PVC skirt I bought! It has slight pleating like the other skirt I purchased. It’s got a velcro close along with a zipper. Let’s take a closer look shall we?
The skirt is inside out so the zipper can be shown more easily. The skirt’s zipper was already hard to zip when I first got it and the stitching at the end ripped soon after.


On the outside of the skirt you can also see where the zipper came unsewn and showed through.


The super cute Peter Pan collared dress I bought!
These are the clasps that button the collar. They weren’t sewn on securely and the ones on the other side of the collar fell off almost immediately.
Here’s the matching crop top and skirt set!
These are the clasps on the collar. These are the only ones that have managed to stay on.
These are the clasps on the pleated skirt. There’s also a blue zipper down the back. The right side clasp has begun to fall off.

I would list the exact description but the site does not allow copy-pasting. All of the sizes I bought were listed as medium, AUS/UK 10.


This is from an online store called Glitters for Dinner. Based in the Philippines, most of the sizes are from XXS to L for petite women.


One skirt is PVC while the other pieces are not listed on the tags or on their website. The dress and set are made of sturdy fabric and the collars are made with stiff fabric so they don’t have to be starched.


The fit is really deceiving. I understand that the sizing in different countries is often different, but the measurements listed should have fit me.

I ordered all mediums,  for which the equivalent is a UK 10. I wear a UK 10/ US 6 so these all should have fit, but only the dress fit well. The crop top and skirt set fit snugly but the skirt was extremely tight.

Description Accuracy:

This brand stayed it serves petite women,  but despite the listed sizes and measurements these clothes didn’t fit well.  The centimeter measurements listed would have fit me with a lot of room to give but since the clothes didn’t fit well I don’t think they matched the description at all. Buy a size up or not at all…


These the items cost  $190, but only one item fits well. Except for the fit and findings being barely attached, I’d say that everything else works. The fabric is great and I love this store’s style. Given all of that, I’d say that the value for these pieces isn’t great.

Overall Rating:

2 out of five stars. The messed up zipper in the PVC skirt deducted major points.

The dress was lovely and I have no fault with it. The problem mainly lies with the fit, which I detailed above.

My other grievances are with the findings. The dress and top both old school clasps that were poorly sewn. One of the two on both the dress and top fell off.  When I got the garments they were already barely sewn on. The other clasp on the matching skirt fell off because it was thread bare.

I’m sure all of these pieces would have been lovely if the findings were attached well and the fit was better, but instead these garments fell short. I wish that the quality was there because I would have enjoyed wearing these much more. The PVC skirt in particular was a huge disappointment. If I weren’t a customer who knew how to sew I would be screwed. In fact, I’m not that great at sewing so it may be beyond repair.

I absolutely love this brand’s style and was so excited to buy from them and was disappointed. A hope my review will help them refine their products in the future. I’m just upset I spent so much on clothing that wasn’t satisfactory.

PS: This brand doesn’t accept returns or exchanges. Hmm….

Thanks for reading!



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