Examples of Gyaru Outfits and Looks! (Gyaru Series Part Three)

Examples of Gyaru Outfits and Looks! (Gyaru Series Part Three)


How to Dress Gyaru: Gyaru Series Part Three


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A line skirt

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Plaid skirt

Pink tutu

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Platform shoes

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High heel boots

Eylure black eye makeup
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Dolce Gabbana red lipstick


As part of my widely-read gyaru guide, I wanted to include some examples of gyaru style and makeup to help give all of you love readers some ideas for your new style adventure. Click here for part one of the series and here for part two if you haven’t read them yet!


There are a multitude of gyaru subtypes that are popular, and this set only addresses a few. Some common types are above. A lot of gyaru looks are meant to be sweet- light pinks, bows, flowy blouses and tiers are common, especially in the hime and onee gyaru style. Kogal (or kogyaru) was the first main gyaru type and is characterized by customizing a school uniform. Rokku gyaru is an edgier, rock-inspired look and mode originated as a monochromatic and mature look. Keeping these descriptions in mind, it’s just a matter of personal taste and experimentation before you create an outfit like the ones above! Google (of course) and gyaru forums are also great for inspo.


When it comes to gyaru fashion, accessories play a huge part!

Many onee gyaru keep accessories simple and tasteful to match their mature “older sister” look. Try a headband and/or classic handbag.

Hime gyaru are especially fond of lace stockings, bows, large bouffant wigs and anything else princessy.

Rokku gyaru tend to go easy on the accessories, but studded bags and shoes complete an edgy look.

Kogals wear the essential loose socks, Mary Janes and their customized phones and classy bookbags.


I detailed the way gyaru makeup is often applied in my post here. Eyelashes are loved in Japan so falsies are important for every gyaru look. Eyelure is great if you’re in the states or want a drugstore brand, but Dolly Wink eyelashes (made by a gyaru company!) are also pretty commonly found on eBay or Amazon. Nose contouring is also very popular amongst gyaru, but if you’re satisfied with the appearance of your nose or don’t have time for contouring it’s completely optional. Pink tones are generally very popular with the styles above, and especially with onee and hime gyaru.

Hime want to look girly and doll like, so if you’re aiming to look like a princess make sure you have a flawless base using some quality foundation and put a soft pink on your nose and lips.

Onee gyaru are all about mature and effortless beauty, so make sure you have a base that makes you look fresh faced and try brown shadow, some subtle liner, and natural cheeks and lips.

Rokku gyaru is a style you can definitely have fun with! Try a red or nude lip and winged eyeliner and own it.

I hope this mini guide and set helped you get some inspiration for your own outfits. What is your favorite gyaru substyle? How did you discover the wonderful world of gyaru?


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