Best Makeup Drugstore Kit!

Best Makeup Drugstore Kit!

Best Drugstore Makeup Kit! Best Drugstore Makeup Kit! by lydia11-11 featuring Wet n Wild

Hey y’all! Now that school is up and running again I wanted to give you guys a suggestion for a kit to help you get ready in the morning on the cheap. All of these will be really easy to find in the States and are drugstore products. This will work not only for students but for anyone lining for a basic makeup kit. The products listed below will help you create a natural, no makeup makeup look for your average day.

Cases and Accessories:

Some great cases are at Ulta, Forever 21, Kohl’s and Shopko for cheap and they’re also reasonably sturdy. Modella is a great brand with lots of different price points, but don’t feel like you have to invest in a bag. You can definitely use something at home or just toss your products in your purse on the go. If you need a mirror try Forever 21, Burlington or Shopko. ELF and Ecotools after have great brushes, and you can get some knock-off Beauty Blenders.


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Post Breakup Makeup (and Pampering)

Post Breakup Makeup (and Pampering)


Breakups are hard. There are thousands of songs about how much love can suck.

My ex and I broke up about a week ago. We met at the musical theater intensive I was involved in over the summer and he was my first real relationship. Long distance relationships are hard, and it was time for ours to come to an end. I look forward to meeting someone new who will treat me right.

Easier said than done, right? Breakups are hard for both parties, and this transitory stage has to be handled in a healthy way. My breakup sophomore absolutely destroyed me, but channeling your grief into taking care of yourself will help you move onto a new chapter in your life. I hope that my tips can give you some solace. Know that if you need someone to talk I’m always here for my readers.


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Makeup for Lazy, Tired People (AKA Daily Student Makeup!)

Makeup for Lazy, Tired People (AKA Daily Student Makeup!)

makeup for lazy people pictorial image

Hey there guys! I wanted to make a pictorial for those of you who need a fast look in the morning. This is perfect for back to school because it’s easy, polished and doesn’t require frequent touch ups. It’s fast and low key, but it’ll make you look awake and natural! (A five minute routine to cover up five hours of sleep!)


Step 1) Alright, this is my nehked face! Make sure your face is nice and moisturized so you give your skin some therapy. The goal of this look is to cover up those all nighters and look fresh enough for class or work.


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What to Wear: How to Get Ready for College Entrance Exams!

What to Wear: How to Get Ready for College Entrance Exams!

What Do I Wear? College Entrance Exams What Do I Wear? College Entrance Exams by lydia11-11 featuring apple home decor

Sally Circle royal blue sweatshirt $34 –

H M shirts top $76 –

Waffle sweater $3.04 –

River Island v neck cami $24 –

Chicnova Fashion white harem pants

Jane Norman white jean shorts $31 –

Maurices floral shorts

Vans black high top

Vans sports trainer $72 –

Vans rubber sole shoes

Pin bag $41 –

Maurices slouch beanie hat

Urban Decay long wear lipstick

Rimmel concealer $8.40 –

Pavilion Broadway apple home decor $6.12 –

Jac Zagoory Designs writing pencil

Papermate 3ct Mechanical Pencil .7mm Lead

I’ve gotten so many fellow students tell me they’re unsure of how to dress for important high school exams like the ACT, SAT and AP tests. I wanted to create a little guide for all of you who want to have some practical examples of outfits that’ll keep you comfy during and after your long tests.


Layers are exceptionally important. You have to be prepared for super cold air conditioning and even for super humid rooms. By bringing a sweater and wearing a thin shirt and leggings you can account for any temperature.


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What to Wear: How to Pack for Summer Academics!

What to Wear: How to Pack for Summer Academics!

What Do I Wear? How to Pack for Summer Academics What Do I Wear? How to Pack for Summer Academics by lydia11-11 featuring a summer outfit

Vintage top

Damsel in a Dress summer top $170 –

MANGO black shirt

Topshop romper

Skater skirt

Short boots $47 –

Balenciaga high top shoes $550 –

Sherpani backpacks bag $78 –

Maurices knit hat

Wrap headband $11 –

Merkury Innovations iphone earbud

Forever 21 shimmer eyeshadow

Maybelline face makeup $6.24 –

Urban Decay lip gloss

The Face Shop face care

PUR office accessory

Moleskine Messages Postal Notebooks, Pastel Pack

Office accessory

Waldo Pancake Notebook, Could’ve Been a Novel

Mini Silver Notebook Pretty Little Things

iPod nano 16GB Purple David Jones $120 –

Hi there lovelies! The Fashion Mentor’s back with another easy guide to everyday fashion. As a kid going away for the summer, I know figuring out what to pack, wear and what to leave behind can be overwhelming. I went to Concordia’s Japanese Language Camp two years in a row and became a master of practical summer dressing- this set will give you an example of what you need to take you from the campfire to the campus, or anything else in between. (This would also be perfect for a day camp or summer school!


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What to Wear: Dance Class

What to Wear: Dance Class

Hi there everyone!

As a performer I know dressing neatly and with proper hair and makeup can sometimes be a bit daunting. I’ve created a few Polyvore sets to help inspire your outfits and I’ll give you some pointers for sweat-busting hair and makeup as well.

Ballet to Hip Hop (Dance Class) Ballet to Hip Hop (Dance Class) by lydia11-11 featuring

Pullover sweatshirt

Porselli ballet shoes

Change purse

Ban do hair accessory

Holika Holika blush

Essie nail polish $22 –

Womens Black Mesh Insert Panel BodySuit Girls Body Suit Ladies Sexy…

Junior Lulu Bun Shaper

NYX NYX Angel Veil – Skin Perfecting Primer

This is an example of what a busy dance student like me would wear to transition from one class to another. I recommend a simple, solid colored leotard (this one has a cutout so you’ll need to wear shorts or skirts to keep it from being obscene) and a sweatshirt and pants to wear over when going from class to class. Layering over leotards helps make it easier to run from class to class and a bun ring and bobbies will keep your hair neat. If you do choose to wear makeup, make it a light bb cream like in this set.


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Best of the Best Roundup: Great Beauty and Fashion IG Profiles

Best of the Best Roundup: Great Beauty and Fashion IG Profiles

pink kawaii face banner

Hey there lovelies! I have a roundup of some of the best IG profiles to get your fashion and beauty fix! They will be categorized below to best suit your interests.

Fashion (General):

@myfashiongenie has mostly outfits and some accessories.

Alternative Fashion:

@thewickedlady is in love with Sailor Moon and has a cool soft grunge/ punk look!



@accessories_trend has a great grouping of different accessories of all tastes.

Shops (General):

@threadlust has the cutest women’s fashion!


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Gyaru Guide for Beginners: How to Start Being Gyaru! (Gyaru Series Part One)

Gyaru Guide for Beginners: How to Start Being Gyaru! (Gyaru Series Part One)

beginner gyaru guide thumb

Hi there everyone! I hope you’re having a lovely day~!

I wanted to go over some gyaru basics for those of you who have been exposed to the style but wanted to know more in detail about gyaru. This is mainly for beginners- consider this a simple introduction or guide to gyaru!

What is gyaru?

There are a ton of ways to answer this question. Gyaru is a blanket term that encompasses many different types of styles. “Gyaru” itself is a romanization of the English world “gal” and usually describes a fashion-conscious Japanese teen who follows set trends of fashion and beauty.


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Gradient Lip Tutorial!

Hello to all my lovely subscribers and first time visitors! This is my second beauty tutorial and I hope you all enjoy it! Let me know what else you would like to see.

As always, I really appreciate your support, comments and feedback. You make this a ton of fun!

Best wishes to all of you as fall comes along!




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Ulzzang Makeup Tutorial!

My first makeup tutorial! Any comments or suggestions are welcome, let me know what you want to see next!


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