Glitters for Dinner: Clothing Review

Glitters for Dinner: Clothing Review


Hi y’all!  I wanted to make sure to review three things I bought from a store in the Philippines, Glitters for Dinner. I was super excited to get the dress, crop top and skirt set and vinyl skirt but ended up a bit disappointed.


Here are pictures and closeups for all of you!

This is the PVC skirt I bought! It has slight pleating like the other skirt I purchased. It’s got a velcro close along with a zipper. Let’s take a closer look shall we?
The skirt is inside out so the zipper can be shown more easily. The skirt’s zipper was already hard to zip when I first got it and the stitching at the end ripped soon after.


On the outside of the skirt you can also see where the zipper came unsewn and showed through.


The super cute Peter Pan collared dress I bought!
These are the clasps that button the collar. They weren’t sewn on securely and the ones on the other side of the collar fell off almost immediately.
Here’s the matching crop top and skirt set!
These are the clasps on the collar. These are the only ones that have managed to stay on.
These are the clasps on the pleated skirt. There’s also a blue zipper down the back. The right side clasp has begun to fall off.

I would list the exact description but the site does not allow copy-pasting. All of the sizes I bought were listed as medium, AUS/UK 10.


This is from an online store called Glitters for Dinner. Based in the Philippines, most of the sizes are from XXS to L for petite women.


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Gaijiin Gyaru Guide!

Gaijiin Gyaru Guide!

saiharii gyaru
The amazing gaijiin gyaru, Saiharii!

Hey there guys! Since so many of you have enjoyed reading my gyaru guide, I wanted to add a guide for gaijiin gyaru.

I wanted to start out by telling you all how I attained my knowledge on gyaru. I have been to Korea but not to Japan, so I don’t have first hand information about gyaru. However, I’ve studied Japanese and Japanese culture since I was about 13 years old. I’ve done numerous research projects on gyaru and I have a great deal of knowledge about gyaru. It can be really hard to find information on gyaru in the States and it can be even harder to be involved, so I wanted to write this post especially for non-Japanese gyaru. I hope you find this helpful!


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Stila Convertible Color Review

Stila Convertible Color Review

stila convertible color


I tried this product in store and kept thinking about it until I finally bought it! I didn’t want to buy this full price at Ulta because it’s $20 retail value, so I got it for three bucks off on eBay. You can also buy it here on Amazon or at Ulta to earn some points. I bought it because the Poppy shade is a natural looking rose and cream gives a nice finish.

Unique Qualities:

This is an extremely versatile cream color that can be used for cheeks and lips or anywhere else you see fit.


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Dr. Paw Paw Tinted Balm Review

Dr. Paw Paw Tinted Balm Review

paw paw_01_square

Hi there everyone! I hope this review reaches you well. It’s been awhile since I last talked to all of my lovely readers! Hope you’re excited for this review!


For this overview, we’ll do something a bit unorthodox. Imma tell you a lil story chillun.
As I wrote in my little goodbye post before my temporary hiatus, I was at Carnegie Mellon’s musical theater intensive for six weeks. I had basically zero time off campus but we went to see Ant Man… and then, an opportunity.
An Urban Outfitters.
It’s not even that I like Urban Outfitters. I think it’s extremely overpriced and overrated. But hey, I hadn’t bought any makeup for like… three weeks. I was going through withdrawls. I have a problem. I know. It’s horrible.
So I went in and these tubes caught my eye. Dr. Paw Paw’s Tinted Medicated Balm. I tried them and thought they were unique and would protect my skin while still giving me some color. Perfect for quick makeup on campus. The counselors started trying to lasso us out so I bought the red and coral tint and ran out of there and onto the bus.
Great decision. I love this stuff!


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Georgia Rose Wanelo Romper Review

Georgia Rose Wanelo Romper Review

DSC02911 DSC02912 DSC02913 DSC02915


I bought this super cute romper on Wanelo on sale here. I wanted some more rompers for back to school, so why not, right? Wrong. This was a terrible buy. Here are some more pictures.

romper fabric closeup
A closeup of this super cheap, wrinkly fabric.
romper zipper
The zipper from hell. Expect constant tugs and snags from this bad boy.

romper pic 1


Sizes were listed as follows:  XS/S (US size) Bust: 32.5-35.5″, Waist: 26-28″, Hips: 33-36″ S/M (US size) Bust: 35.5-37.5″, Waist: 28-30″, Hips: 36-38″ M/L (US size) Bust: 37.5-40″, Waist: 30-31″, Hips: 38-40″. The item description was “Pink Long Sleeve Chiffon V-Neck Romper with Ruffles”.


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Examples of Gyaru Outfits and Looks! (Gyaru Series Part Three)

Examples of Gyaru Outfits and Looks! (Gyaru Series Part Three)

How to Dress Gyaru: Gyaru Series Part Three How to Dress Gyaru: Gyaru Series Part Three by lydia11-11 featuring knee socks

Pink prom dress $115 –

Chicwish shirts blouse

Vince Camuto short sleeve shirt

N 21 collared shirt $540 –

Boyfriend cardigan $16 –

Even odd black vest $27 –

A line skirt

Ally Fashion black pants $20 –

Plaid skirt

Pink tutu

Boohoo knee socks

Skechers black boots

Platform shoes

Wedges shoes

Platform shoes $52 –

High heel boots

Claire s hair accessory

Eylure black eye makeup $7.79 –

Forever 21 toiletry bag


Mally cream eyeshadow

Dolce Gabbana red lipstick

As part of my widely-read gyaru guide, I wanted to include some examples of gyaru style and makeup to help give all of you love readers some ideas for your new style adventure. Click here for part one of the series and here for part two if you haven’t read them yet!


There are a multitude of gyaru subtypes that are popular, and this set only addresses a few. Some common types are above. A lot of gyaru looks are meant to be sweet- light pinks, bows, flowy blouses and tiers are common, especially in the hime and onee gyaru style. Kogal (or kogyaru) was the first main gyaru type and is characterized by customizing a school uniform. Rokku gyaru is an edgier, rock-inspired look and mode originated as a monochromatic and mature look. Keeping these descriptions in mind, it’s just a matter of personal taste and experimentation before you create an outfit like the ones above! Google (of course) and gyaru forums are also great for inspo.


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I Wish I Were at Coachella… What to Wear: Festival Edition

I Wish I Were at Coachella… What to Wear: Festival Edition

I Wish I Were at Coachella... What to Wear: Festival Edition I Wish I Were at Coachella… What to Wear: Festival Edition by lydia11-11 featuring elastic waist shorts

Let’s face it- music festivals are the thing everyone’s talking about right now. The makeup, the hair, the clothes… music almost seems to be an afterthought to the press! Whether you’re going to a modern day Woodstock or small concert on a rooftop, this post will help you look cute, stay cool and have fun.


All the outfits in this set are carefree and boho. Whether you feel like a dress or romper, shorts and a t-shirt or anything else is up to you. Try cute tasseled pieces or a fun aztec or paisley pattern.


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What to Wear: Waterpark Edition

What to Wear: Waterpark Edition

What to Wear: Waterpark Edition What to Wear: Waterpark Edition by lydia11-11 featuring a blue beach towel

I love summer! It’s only natural because I’m a high school student. Summer is like the savior of stressed teens everywhere.

One of the things I’m most looking forward to this summer is hanging out at a waterpark in Pittsburgh during the Carnegie Mellon MT program I’m attending. Waterparks are a great way to run around and get exercise, hang out with friends and relax. Whenever I head out to a waterpark, however, my friends are always wondering what to wear or bring. I created this set and post to help you pack easier!


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What to Wear: How to Get Ready for College Entrance Exams!

What to Wear: How to Get Ready for College Entrance Exams!

What Do I Wear? College Entrance Exams What Do I Wear? College Entrance Exams by lydia11-11 featuring apple home decor

Sally Circle royal blue sweatshirt $34 –

H M shirts top $76 –

Waffle sweater $3.04 –

River Island v neck cami $24 –

Chicnova Fashion white harem pants

Jane Norman white jean shorts $31 –

Maurices floral shorts

Vans black high top

Vans sports trainer $72 –

Vans rubber sole shoes

Pin bag $41 –

Maurices slouch beanie hat

Urban Decay long wear lipstick

Rimmel concealer $8.40 –

Pavilion Broadway apple home decor $6.12 –

Jac Zagoory Designs writing pencil

Papermate 3ct Mechanical Pencil .7mm Lead

I’ve gotten so many fellow students tell me they’re unsure of how to dress for important high school exams like the ACT, SAT and AP tests. I wanted to create a little guide for all of you who want to have some practical examples of outfits that’ll keep you comfy during and after your long tests.


Layers are exceptionally important. You have to be prepared for super cold air conditioning and even for super humid rooms. By bringing a sweater and wearing a thin shirt and leggings you can account for any temperature.


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What to Wear: How to Pack for Summer Academics!

What to Wear: How to Pack for Summer Academics!

What Do I Wear? How to Pack for Summer Academics What Do I Wear? How to Pack for Summer Academics by lydia11-11 featuring a summer outfit

Vintage top

Damsel in a Dress summer top $170 –

MANGO black shirt

Topshop romper

Skater skirt

Short boots $47 –

Balenciaga high top shoes $550 –

Sherpani backpacks bag $78 –

Maurices knit hat

Wrap headband $11 –

Merkury Innovations iphone earbud

Forever 21 shimmer eyeshadow

Maybelline face makeup $6.24 –

Urban Decay lip gloss

The Face Shop face care

PUR office accessory

Moleskine Messages Postal Notebooks, Pastel Pack

Office accessory

Waldo Pancake Notebook, Could’ve Been a Novel

Mini Silver Notebook Pretty Little Things

iPod nano 16GB Purple David Jones $120 –

Hi there lovelies! The Fashion Mentor’s back with another easy guide to everyday fashion. As a kid going away for the summer, I know figuring out what to pack, wear and what to leave behind can be overwhelming. I went to Concordia’s Japanese Language Camp two years in a row and became a master of practical summer dressing- this set will give you an example of what you need to take you from the campfire to the campus, or anything else in between. (This would also be perfect for a day camp or summer school!


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