Best Makeup Drugstore Kit!

Best Makeup Drugstore Kit!

Best Drugstore Makeup Kit!


Hey y’all! Now that school is up and running again I wanted to give you guys a suggestion for a kit to help you get ready in the morning on the cheap. All of these will be really easy to find in the States and are drugstore products. This will work not only for students but for anyone lining for a basic makeup kit. The products listed below will help you create a natural, no makeup makeup look for your average day.

Cases and Accessories:

Some great cases are at Ulta, Forever 21, Kohl’s and Shopko for cheap and they’re also reasonably sturdy. Modella is a great brand with lots of different price points, but don’t feel like you have to invest in a bag. You can definitely use something at home or just toss your products in your purse on the go. If you need a mirror try Forever 21, Burlington or Shopko. ELF and Ecotools after have great brushes, and you can get some knock-off Beauty Blenders.

Base makeup:

An amazing foundation and particular favorite of mine is the NYX Stay Matte but Not Flat. It’ll give you a great medium coverage and won’t get oily throughout the day. It runs about $6 and is one of my favorite foundations of all time. The Fit Me and Tru Blend foundations are also drugstore lines I’ve liked in the past, and these have a much broader color spectrum than NYX. Try these lines if you’re like me and always get stuck mixing shades.

Do you want something lighter or with added benefits? Try a BB cream, CC cream or tinted moisturizer!   Rimmel’s BB Cream is very moisturizing and got a light coverage and SPF (very important no matter what your ethnicity!). Maybelline Dream BB is also pretty good, but I never really used mine because the shade didn’t fit me that well. You could also try Garnier’s BB Cream which is a bit more expensive at $12. It has great reviews and I don’t use it much because it’s hard to take on the go (very runny), but I’ve been trying to use it more because it really is quite nice.

NYX has great cream blushes and ELF has really good liquid and powder blushes too!


First things first, get some great neutral shadows. Typically I only use Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Branded and no other color on a day to day basis. Why? Because this color is wide enough to brighten the eye area but not too glittery. I would suggest only using two colors: a light nude such as a base or light brown and a darker brown. You really won’t need any more than that. Honest! I don’t care what Urban Decay wants you to believe, for day-to-day purposes you really only need one or two colors. Wet n Wild has some really great shadows, and I highly recommend their miniature nude sets like The Naked Truth, The Silent Treatment and my personal fave, Walking on Eggshells. These all have great nude colors to get your started and they aren’t super chalky and have good wear.

For fab lashes, I have a love affair with the Covergirl Clump Crusher. I have tried mascaras from Benefit, Calvin Klein, Urban Decay, you name it…  none of them have ever been equal to my precious Clump Crusher. This has a great wand that make sure you get volume and length and the formula is just to die for. At about 7 bucks this is a major steal. 10/10 would recommend. This mascara is my baby.

I tend not to wear eyeliner because I find that since I have small, hooded eyes it can tend to be very overpowering. I’ve heard from friends that the ELF eyeliner is outstanding, and I’ve liked the dual ended Essence felt eyeliner as well as the Wet n Wild felt eyeliner with success. I’ve also really liked the liquid liner Essence makes. Think of eyeliner only as an extra- if you have shadows, you’re good. Mascara is that finishing touch for a day to day look and you don’t really need much else goin’ on.


Baby Lips are a favorite lip balm of all of my friends, and yes, they’re pretty great. Carmex also works well, especially overnight. Usually I use Smith’s Coco Rose Balm or Blue Q’s Lip Shit (yes, that’s what it’s called mmkay), but Baby Lips is a great balm to have and they have natural looking tints that are much simpler for a day to day look than lipstick. If you want more color or lip tint, a Revlon Color Balm definitely try NYX’s Butter Gloss or ELF’S great lip sticks. (Pink Umbrella is a favorite shade of mine.)

I hope this helps you all get a start on a makeup kit that will suit your needs. Feel free to add or subtract products as you go and make a special bag of pampering just for you!


The Fashion Mentor


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