What Do I Wear? How to Pack for Summer Academics!

Hi there lovelies! The Fashion Mentor’s back with another easy guide to everyday fashion. As a kid going away for the summer, I know figuring out what to pack, wear and what to leave behind can be overwhelming. I went to Concordia’s Japanese Language Camp two years in a row and became a master of practical summer dressing- this set will give you an example of what you need to take you from the campfire to the campus, or anything else in between. (This would also be perfect for a day camp or summer school!


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What’s Up With You Lyds?

Hi there everyone,

I wanted to address a lot of goings on with my life and this site.

I am sure you’ve noticed my lack of posts and how sporadic they are. Not only has junior year been tough on me but I recently had a huge problem with spammers in the comments section of this site. SiteLock notified me and thus I made sure to clean up all of the malicious links. You can see my SiteLock seal at the bottom of my site so that you know I Am the Fashion Mentor is free of any unwelcome content. Unfortunately, to get rid of all of the malware I also had to delete all comments, many of which were lovely notes left by all of my lovely subscribers. However, I hope you’ll continue to comment because I love hearing from you.


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How Do I Dress for Dance?

Hi there everyone!

As a performer I know dressing neatly and with proper hair and makeup can sometimes be a bit daunting. I’ve created a few Polyvore sets to help inspire your outfits and I’ll give you some pointers for sweat-busting hair and makeup as well.

Ballet to Hip Hop (Dance Class) Ballet to Hip Hop (Dance Class) by lydia11-11 featuring ban.do

Pullover sweatshirt blackfive.com

Porselli ballet shoes luisaviaroma.com

Change purse discountdance.com

Ban do hair accessory nordstrom.com

Holika Holika blush urbanoutfitters.com

Essie nail polish $22 – nelly.com

Womens Black Mesh Insert Panel BodySuit Girls Body Suit Ladies Sexy… ebay.fr

Junior Lulu Bun Shaper nordstrom.com

NYX NYX Angel Veil – Skin Perfecting Primer dermstore.com

This is an example of what a busy dance student like me would wear to transition from one class to another. I recommend a simple, solid colored leotard (this one has a cutout so you’ll need to wear shorts or skirts to keep it from being obscene) and a sweatshirt and pants to wear over when going from class to class. Layering over leotards helps make it easier to run from class to class and a bun ring and bobbies will keep your hair neat. If you do choose to wear makeup, make it a light bb cream like in this set.


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Everyday a Few Years From Now

Everyday a Few Years From Now

Hey y’all! Here’s a pastel grunge set to help you embrace the quirky side of fashion. This style is a great way to make a statement while still remaining professional.


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Super Fast Makeup Routine and Products!

Super Fast Makeup

Hi all!

As you know I haven’t been very active on this site lately! It is because- as the title suggests- I’m a junior in high school.

Worst. year. to. be. in. school. ever. (So many tests!)

I wanted to give you all some tips on how to get ready for school and what products are best for girls on the go. I figured that this article would help busy moms and other girls who have to bolt out of the house ASAP (like me!)


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Why Korean Skincare is Overrated as Hell

So why is Jessica so freaking perfect? The world may never know.

First of all, no hate here. I enjoyed traveling to Korea and love Korean makeup and skincare. However, the supposed statements saying that “They’re [Korean products] about 12 years ahead of the States in terms of technology,” (Mary Schook in Marie Claire) are false. Let’s examine why.

I’ve read quite a few articles like the one above where people attempt to say that Korean technology is twelve years ahead. Twelve years ahead? Really? Look at the labels of many skincare products from popular brands like Laneige, Innisfree or Nature Republic and the ingredients aren’t revolutionary or high tech. So why say that Korean technology is so far ahead? I think the reason people make this statement is not because of skincare in itself- its that Korean cosmetic procedures are cheap, easy and exceptionally common. Therefore it isn’t necessarily that Korean products are making Korean skin so good- its that cosmetic procedures make skin good, and products maintain them. I’d say the only thing “advanced” about Korean products is that they are different and innovative- like sheet masks, bb cushions (notice I didn’t say bb creams themselves because those can be credited to Germany) and lip tints like the Berrisom peel off mask. (My new fave, by the way.)


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Best of the Best Roundup: Great Beauty and Fashion IG Profiles

pink kawaii face banner

Hey there lovelies! I have a roundup of some of the best IG profiles to get your fashion and beauty fix! They will be categorized below to best suit your interests.

Fashion (General):

@myfashiongenie has mostly outfits and some accessories.

Alternative Fashion:

@thewickedlady is in love with Sailor Moon and has a cool soft grunge/ punk look!



@accessories_trend has a great grouping of different accessories of all tastes.

Shops (General):

@threadlust has the cutest women’s fashion!


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My Adorable Sailor Mars Phone Case!



Hey my lovely gals! I wanted to dedicate a post to my newest love- decoden cases!

I had never heard of decoden until I saw the tag on Instagram and fell in love. I got this custom phone case from Magical Girl Cafe for twenty bucks woth shipping. Compared to many Etsy shops, this was much cheaper and Monique is super professional, prompt and sweet.

This post isn’t sponsored at all and Monique’s store isn’t officially up and running yet, but if you’re looking for a super cute custom case definitely hit her up on IG at @MagicalGirlCafe!


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Lacy, Gyaru Inspired OOTD!

Hello lovelies! Sorry for my lack of posts, my performances have been killing me right now. I have been dressing very gyaru lately so I’ve been wanting to show you my latest inspiration.


It is a lacy, gyaru inspired outfit! I was sick so I wanted something simple but cute enough to go  out in.

Hope you all love it babes~

Necklace//Kitsch Bitch Jewelry


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